Here’s How Technology Makes Actors Look Younger

If you think that your favorite star has received a boon for his or her looks that look long lasting, here are some revealing facts that would prove you wrong. It is not only the workout regimen or the dietary schedule that they follow that work wonders, but there is also something behind the screen that happens too, in the real sense.

•    Plastic surgeries – often actors and actresses go in for plastic surgeries for correction of certain aspects of their facial features like the nose or enhancing their overall facial look by reducing the wrinkles on the face.

•    Dental surgery is also in vogue, where celebrities correct the flaws in the alignment of their teeth to look more refined and attractive, and who doesn’t want to have that perfect smile! Otherwise known as cosmetic dentistry it helps in uplifting the spirits of people by giving them shiny white teeth through cleaning and whitening process. A famous clinic like Mymeditravel offer these kinds of specialized services.

•    Production of collagen levels in our body plays a vital role in making the skin look young and nourished. After some years, when one starting aging, the production of collagen levels do come down. To look young, facial parts are injected with collagen.

•    Cool sculpting is another innovation in the medical field which is a less painful process, and as the name suggests, it is indeed a cold process. Gel pads are applied to fatty areas which freeze the fat. The good news is that it is a non-surgical process.

•    A facelift is yet another surgical procedure through which the sagging regions in and around your face and neck are lifted to make you look younger and vibrant. In recent times, not only celebrities, even people who can afford the cost are opting for these procedures to bring back the days of their youth. …

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5 Reasons Why You Should Unplug Your Kids From Technology

Not only adults, teens and younger children are also under the grasp of technology and are addicted to it. It is now a common sight to see a toddler watching screen in malls, restaurants, etc.  The parents have resorted to giving the phone to children to calm them when they throw tantrums. However, unknowingly, the parents are fueling more issues which they have to face later on. Getting the children off from the phone addiction will be quite tough later on. Phone addiction will result in various problems and listed below are a few reasons why the parent should control the screen time in children.

No interaction with siblings and parents- Time spent with the family will take a back seat when the kids spent too much time on gadgets.  They become a stranger in the house with whom the parents hardly have a conversation.  Hence it’s quite important to have designated place and time for usage of gadgets.

No socializing with friends- Usage of gadgets will limit the free play, social interaction, and other non- electronic games.  They tend to connect with friends only through social media. Face to face interaction will become very less.

No habit of reading books- The kids nowadays hardly read books, and it is a learning loss for the children.  The parents should nurture the habit of reading books so that their imaginative power is strengthened.

Not being creative or indulging in imaginative play- Addiction to phones will affect the original and creative power of children. Some different games and toys promote creativeness in children.  Visit Doodlebuckets to know about those toys and games. 

Not playing outside-   The benefits of being outdoors and appreciating nature gets compromised significantly when the kids start using the phone and video games. Physical activity is very much crucial for the health of the child. It’s very much beneficial for the emotional, mental and physical growth for children to play outside. …

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Here’s How Smart Technology Can Help You Live At Home Longer

Staying fit is pivotal for everyone to lead a disease-free life and to attain a greater life span. Technology encircles every feature of daily lives, from smart home appliances to gadgets like smartphones, that shapes and changes lifestyle for good. Click here to check out the super cool ways to incorporate technology into your home.

•    Home security provisions like installing a security camera, wireless IP camera, with an enhanced two-way communication system, smart lock doors, fingerprint locks, and burglary alarms make sure that people stay safe and secure inside their home.

•    Heat sensors can be installed to sense and alert people in the event of fire hazards or dangerously elevated temperatures. The heating and lighting system of the entire home can be controlled using certain mobile apps when the thermostat and the whole heating system are synched to the smartphones via Wi-Fi or blue tooth.

•    Senior citizens often have difficulty to remember to take their medications and pills at the right time. Smart pill dispensers offer reminders like flashlight and beep sound to the seniors to take pills in the appropriate amount on time and ensure that they don’t miss any essential medications. The device can also be configured in a way that they send automatic alerts to the caregivers and medical practitioners if things go wrong.

•    Finally, it is unfair wide up without writing about the enormous benefits and the sophistication of health and fitness apps.  Numerous such apps are available for free download, and one can choose the best one based on their requirements and goals. From summarising the users’ progress to finding a fitness partner to exercise together, health apps offer transformative and life-changing benefits to the users.

•    Thus, smart technologies revolutionize the way people live at home. Safe, comfortable and convenient smart homes encompassed by smart gadgets dramatically improves the quality of life.…

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Top Tips for Using a Bathroom Scale the Right Way

Using the bathroom scale is an excellent way to regularly check weight.  It is one of the fundamental steps for achieving health goals.  But one has to use in the following right ways:

  1. Location:  One has to ensure that the bathroom scale is placed on a flat and stable surface.  Keeping it on an uneven surface will show wrong measurements.  Also keeping it on the wet and skiddy surface is risky.  Keeping it over carpet is also not advisable. Similarly, the user has to stand in the center of the scale to get the exact measurement.
  • Schedule:  One has to ensure the following:
  • Using the scale at the same time of the day.  For example, checking the weight always during evening time or morning time.
  • Using the scale at regular intervals.  For example, checking the weight every Sunday or every Tuesday
  • The user has to wear minimal and the same amount of clothing during every reading.  This will ensure accuracy as well as comfort.  Refer to for more details.
  • Best time:  The best time to use the scale is during the mornings.  The user has to take the weight measurement when the stomach is empty.    Hence one has to empty bowels before using the scale.  Also, one has to use the scale before consuming breakfast.
  • Physical conditions:  Ensuring the same physical conditions during each time of measurement will avoid fluctuations.  Users might journal the regular readings.  During exceptional conditions like extreme dehydration, the weight would be too low.  So, checking the weight on such days and comparing it with earlier data will not help.  If the scale was used on a normal day when the health and diet are normal, the user has to choose only similar days in the future.  Wider variations in physical conditions may result in inaccurate comparisons.  For example, using scale after fasting on a few days and after heavy lunch on a few days.
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Will Digital Currency Replace Paper Money In 2019?

One can observe immense changes in financial technology which is revolutionizing the entire world either through an effective banking system and innovative financial products.  However, the emergence of the digital currency in the market will take some ample time to establish in the present and future investment markets.  The role of digital currency is yet to be distinguished and to be wide-spread across the globe. Although the cryptocurrencies gaining limelight in recent years.

How does paper money work?

The government plays a major role in the country’s economy and it is solely responsible for the effective monetary system through various institutions like treasury, commercial banks, Central banks, and others.  In many countries, the government determines the intrinsic money value through the central bank.  The money supply is regulated by the proper financial channel in a centralized way.  One can get the information about the performance of these digital currencies and other financial investments by exploring the reviews in the various well-known exchanges like a review of Australian exchange.

How does digital currency operate?

The digital currency is created and supplied by the decentralized format and it is generated by the mining process.  It has various components like wallet, miner and blockchain.  The blockchain is created and every transaction is recorded in the Bitcoin ledger and it does not have any separate institutions.

Will the digital currency replaces the paper money?

Many financial advisors remain unconvinced about the role of cryptocurrencies in the future and it makes one think twice before investing a lump sum of money.  This is because cryptocurrencies are at the infancy stage like the internet when introduced in the last few decades before.  There were only a few people who stayed online and perform the various activities whereas now, it becomes the part and parcel of life. It is like without which the world will never exist.  The situation was very similar to the cryptocurrencies market in which there would be a drastic boom in the financial industry if it progresses in a positive way or it will subside like a passing cloud.

With increased expectations and growth in the financial field, there would be future changes which are unpredictable. However definitely, the role of Cryptocurrency certainly will have more advantages when it replaces the paper money.…

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How to Set Parental Controls on YouTube in 2019

Not just kids, but for us, adults also turn to YouTube to catch up on the latest videos, movies, and music. But while we as adults know to filter content, children can be naïve and get exposed to inappropriate content that can scar them for life. It is therefore crucial that you set parental controls on YouTube.

Setting parental controls

With YouTube being available on all platforms and in all devices, it is imperative that you set up controls on all devices your child uses.

Controls on PC or laptop

You must sign in to your google account on YouTube.Com to set up any kind of parental controls on YouTube. Once you have signed in, go the home page and click on your profile on the top right-hand corner of the page. Turn on the restricted mode. Your page will refresh after this setting has been enabled. You must come out of the window and reopen it to ensure that the setting is working by checking if the restricted mode is turned “On”.

Controls on iPhone

Once again go to and click on the three vertical dots and select the “sign in.” once you sign in with your Google account, once again click on the three vertical dots and go to your “settings.” Once you click on it you will be able to see the “restricted mode.” Turn it on. You can also click on the Privacy button and check all boxes in it for additional privacy.

Controls on the YouTube App

If you are using the app then you need to impose parental controls on it too. The only thing you can do is to turn on the “Safe Search.” As always launch the app and sign into your account. Reach the settings open as explained previously and set Safe Search to “strict.”

Just a few easy steps on the parents’ part can keep your child away from inappropriate content. For interactive and exciting child appropriate stuff Check starwalkkids.…

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How to Take the Best Selfie With 5 Influencer Tips

Now hear it from the horse’s mouth on how to upload your best selfies on social media. It is never easy to appear effortless and casual in photos you know you will upload to be scrutinized by friends and followers. We have collated selfie advise from a few YouTubers and social media influencers to help you with your selfies.

  1. Lighting is the key to great selfies claims Tyla- Lauren Gilmore an influencer with over 111 K followers. She states that harsh light can ruin a picture and hence she does not use direct sunlight but prefers some shade for the perfect front camera picture.
  2. According to Julia Salvia another YouTuber it is your confidence that bursts out of a frame more than anything else. She believes feeling good inside and outside is the key to great photos. While to feel inside you need to work internally, for outside appearance check out Luxtime for the latest trends in the fashion industry.
  3. Your Pose and attitude also play a part in the perfect selfie. According to Samantha Schuerman, with over 67 K followers, showcasing your accessories adds that extra sparkle to any selfie.
  4. Everyone talks about angles and Melissa Flores a vlogger with over 41 K followers is no different. She states that knowing where to hold your phone and tilt it the right angle is the perfect formula for a great selfie. She prefers holding the camera just high enough and tilting the camera to the face for a perfect shot.
  5. Pay heed to the background is the advice from Beauty By Diana an influencer on Instagram. According to her, it is crucial that the background is not too crowded and busy; a solid background is ideal for selfies.

Keeping these tips in mind it is no more an onerous task to click the best selfies oneself and post it on Instagram. …

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How Technology Keep Private Life Private

Technology has many advantages but it also has a few drawbacks, especially when it comes to keeping your private life private. Once you are online you leave an electronic trail that can be found by prying eyes fairly easily. We share a few tips here on how you can protect your privacy when online.

  1. Don’t share passwords or logins: Do not use your social media account logins for purchasing stuff or indulging in matters that you want to remain private because with these accounts your personal habits and preferences are immediately reflected on your social media pages for the world to see.
  2. Change your passwords: While it is true that it is cumbersome to remember numerous passwords, do use a different password for sites that require a login that is unique and hard to crack.
  3. Cloud storage is not ideal: If there is something that really needs to be hidden, then cloud storage is not your choice because it is not as secure as people think it to be.
  4. Disconnect your smart devices while traveling: Technology is so advanced that even in a different locale it is possible to connect to any device your existing device was connected to if you do not disconnect it from your home router before traveling.
  5. Router basics: Whenever you have guests do not give them access to the full network, let them use the guest settings; this will prevent access to all your devices even when the guest device is hacked. Ideally, disable Universal Plug and Play to prevent any outsider from gaining access to your devices.
  6. Update regularly: Always ensure that your firmware is up to date on all your software because it will keep malware and phishing attempts away from your device and network.

Just like you take great care to pass your drug test by checking out relevant information on make sure you are constantly in touch with the latest threats to cyberspace and are protected.…

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