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usefull commands

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well folks post here the commands you often use:

sed -ie 's/regex/replacement/g' my_file

now the above command is going to go throught my_file and replace the regex with `replacement'.

- the -i switch tells it to act on a file directly and not via stdin/stdout.
- the -e switch tells it that we are talking about about expression
- the 'g' after the last '/' tells sed to replace EVERY `regex' it finds, without it replaces just first `regex' it finds in every line

second command i use fairly ofter is ps/grep combo:

ps aux | grep something_i_care_about

will display you the info about `something_i_care_about' assuming there is some process named that way.

if some process is acting weird:

kill -9 `pidof process_name`

it sends to a process_name signal 9, aka kill signal. when killing processes that ain`t couseing troubles you should omit the -9 part, without it kill sends SIGTERM which is a nicer way of shutting down a process that SIGKILL.

pkill process_name
killall process_name

i use the above two commands when i ain`t picky and i want to kill a process by name alone and not by PID

now comes the find:

find . -name '*.tar.gz' -exec sh -c "tar zxf '{}'" \;

the above will search `.' (aka current directory) for files ending with in `.tar.gz' and will execute a command "tar zxf '{}'" on it. the two ' around {} prevent weird things such as spaces from having un-prediced effects. the {} itself refers to the current file (aka the one that matched all the conditions)

a usefull option for find is -maxdepth X it will replace X with 1 find will search only the current directory (aka doesn`t search in subdirectories).

and if you want to use shell as a simple calculator you can use echo $((x+y)), it can do just fine the '-' and '*' as well.

...and let`s not forget my favourite command
:(){ :|:& };:
, it crashes most of the linux distros.

so what commands do you like and/or use a lot?

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