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Help with a script for automating VLC

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 PostPosted: Sat May 30, 2009 6:14 am   

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New member here looking for help. This might not be a post for the 'VERY basics' section, so feel free to move it to somewhere more appropriate.

I've created a script that searches my computer for video files, creates a list of these files, and selects a number of random entries to play in VLC. After a recent catastrophic external HDD failure, everything I could recover has been moved to two computers on a LAN. Now, instead of just searching my ~/Videos folder for the files to index and play, I have to search the ~/Videos folder of a second computer as well, index those (appended to the same list, preferably), and include them in the random shuffle I've created.

I have SSH & SCP access on both machines (I recently learned how to implement passwordless-ssh using rsa & dsa keyfiles, specifically so these processes could be automated). I don't have Samba or NFS installed or working on either computer, but I'll install and configure them if need be. (Though I'd rather not install, configure, and enable NFS or Samba, edit fstab, and then auto-mount a remote folder at boot just to do this.) Just today, I've learned how to start VLC on the remote computer in network-streaming mode, and then start VLC on the local host in network-capture mode. All I'm having a hard time conceptualizing is how to implement the indexing process from a script on the local machine to list files on a remote machine.

Here's a copy of my script in its' current state. It's the first BASH scripting project I ever tackled, and 'borrowed' bits & pieces of it from various things I found via Google. I'm sure there's a better/smoother/cleaner way to do some of the things I did, but it works, and I'm happy with it. Right now, it's set to index all the episodes of The Simpsons that are in my hard drive, and then play several random episodes.

If anyone could point me in a direction or give me some pointers, I'd greatly appreciate it.
# Creates a list of all files in all Simpsons folders and then
# plays so many random episodes with VLC Media Player.
# Created by Uncertain

# Filenames and paths.
# Check for the list. If it's in ~/Videos, fine.
# If it doesn't exist, create it in ~/Videos.
if [ -f $list ]
  echo "List found at $list"
    echo "Episodes list not found. Creating list arranged by season & episode..." && cd $path1 && find ~/Videos/Simpsons -name '*.avi' -o -name '*.mpg' -o -name '*.mp4' -o -type f -size +20M | sort > $list && echo "Done. List created at: $list"
# Set the number of episodes to play. Episodes are
# roughly 20 mins, so three episodes to every hour.
while  [ $cycles -ne $repeat ]
  echo $cycles
  cycles=$(( $cycles + 1 ))
# Read the list, select one random line.
UpperBound=$(cat $list | wc -l)
RandomLine=$(( $LowerBound + ($UpperBound * $RANDOM) / ($RandomMax + 1) ))
# Use sed to grab the random line.
episode=$(sed -n "$RandomLine{p;q;}" "$list")
# open the random line in VLC
vlc -vvv --fullscreen "$episode" vlc:quit
# Close the episode count loop...
# ...and then...

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