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File exists test problem

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Greetings all!

Ok I'm pretty new at Bash scripting, but like a nerdjunkie I'm hooked already ;)
However I'm having a strange problem when checking if a file exists, here's some output to explain:

bash-3.00$ echo $dtstamp
bash-3.00$ touch SAPHREPI20090810122309.CSV
bash-3.00$ if [[ -e *$dtstamp??????.CSV ]]; then  echo "CSV file exists, removing"; fi
bash-3.00$ ls *$dtstamp??????.CSV

As you can see, the if [[ -e ... ]] can't seem to find the file, however if I ls using the same variables it can! Can anyone explain why this might be happening? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!


I have now figured out that the cause seems to be using [[ ]] instead of just []. The reason I used double-bracketing was to avoid having to quote a variable containing a directory path with a space character in it in the full version of the script:
if [[ -e $archivepath/*$dtstamp??????.CSV ]];
instead of
if [ -e "$archivepath"/*$dtstamp??????.CSV ];

I have reverted to the second method now and that seems to work, but could someone point me in the direction of some more information about the effects of double-bracketing so I can understand why this was happening, please?

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Taken from the Bash Beginner's Guide:

[] vs. [[]]

Contrary to [, [[ prevents word splitting of variable values. So, if VAR="var with spaces", you do not need to double quote $VAR in a test - even though using quotes remains a good habit. Also, [[ prevents pathname expansion, so literal strings with wildcards do not try to expand to file names. Using [[, == and != interpret strings to the right as shell glob patterns to be matched against the value to the left, for instance: [[ "value" == val* ]].

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