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alias tutorial

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 PostPosted: Thu Mar 27, 2008 11:37 am   
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an alias is sort of like a one-line script. it can be used to group together like commands or shorten common ones. you can add some into your ~/.bashrc file or add them into the profile file or even the /etc/skel/.bashrc file (for new users) or you can even just use one during a shell session.
i suggest doing it in a shell session first, just to test it. then commiting it to a static location for constant adding.
i have tons of aliases in my bashrc file just because i want to use them all the time (not to mention i'm lazy). since i use sudo, i get tired of typing "sudo shutdown -h now" everytime i want to shutdown my computer, so i made an alias
alias shutdown='sudo shutdown'

that one only eliminates the need to type the word sudo
alias sd='sudo shutdown -h now'

that makes it so i just have to type "sd" to shutdown like i want

ofcourse you can get tricky with them, say you changed to a particular directory all the time (like /home/jbsnake/scripts :))? i like to use
alias scripts='cd /home/jbsnake/scripts'

Important: DO NOT name an alias the same as a command that doesn't do the same thing(i.e. alias df='do something that df doesn't do')

ofcourse you can pass an alias more than one command, just use a semi-colon ( ; ) as a seperator.
Syntax: alias <nameofalias>='command1;command2;etc.'

suppose instead of just changing to the best directory ever :) i wanted to list the contents once i was there. i would use this alias
alias scripts='cd /home/jbsnake/scripts; ls'

if you don't like adding symbolic links within your path using neat scripts :)
you can reference different files as aliases, like
alias link2path='/home/jbsnake/scripts/link2path'

as you can tell from the first couple posts i made here, you can use an alias for many monotonous things (mounting removable media). if your like me (hopefully you aren't) i never label my floppy disks, or if i do, the name is not acurate anymore :), so this alias is great when i have to search through every one
alias floppy='LAST_DIR=`pwd`; mount /dev/fd0; cd /mnt/floppy; ls'

that alias takes my current directory and stores it into a variable called "LAST_DIR", then it mounts the floppy drive, then changes to the floppy drives directory, then lists the contents. if you havn't noticed yet, aliases are very handy things to have around.

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I'm trying to make an alias that uses the watch command, namely
watch 'df -h'
However because this command already uses a ' i can't make an alias using
alias x='watch 'df -h''
because the ' in the watch command is seen as an end to the alias. How can I fix this?

 PostPosted: Sun Apr 25, 2010 4:55 pm   

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simply use different quotes:
alias x='watch "df -h"'
or don't:
alias x='watch -- df -h'
works too.

alias x='watch df -h'

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Additional comments about aliases:

Manpage clearly states that aliases shouldn't be overrated:
bash(1) wrote:
For almost every purpose, aliases are superseded by shell functions.

Gurus just say the same :)
greybot (IRC bot freenode's Bash channel) wrote:
If you have to ask, use a function instead: myfunc() { foo "[email protected]" | bar; }

An additional warning:

Do not try to define a function with the same name as an alias. It will, depending on the alias, result in a parsing error.

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