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 PostPosted: Wed Oct 27, 2010 12:16 pm   

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hi all, would you please help me debugging this script: which accepts a list of users as argument resiting those files permissions:
say our directory structure:
1- If a user or more are given as arguments, the script should reset files permissions as follows:
a. Directory ~/share to 750 (if it exists).
b. All regular files inside ~/share to 744.
c. All directories inside ~/share to 750.
d. All other regular files in ~ to 600 and all other directories in ~ to 700.
e. files of other types are left as they are.


$ user1 user2 user3

for user in $1 $2 $3 ; do
if -d /home/$1/share ; then
chmod 750 /home/$1/share ; else
echo “No folder named “share” is in $user home directory”

find /home/$1/share -type f -exec chmod 744 {} \;
find /home/$1/share -type d -exec chmod 750 {} \;
find ~ -type f -not \( -name share -o -name ~ \) -exec chmod 600
find ~ -type d -not \( -name share -o -name ~ \) -exec chmod 700

#2- If no arguments are give, the script should identify normal users in the system (UID >= 500) and for each user, reset files permissions as described above.
for User in $(cat /etc/passwd) ; do
UserId=$(echo $User | cut -d ":" -f 3)
if ($UserId -gt 500) ; then
# All reset permission stuff here

#3-At end of execution, produce a file named report.txt that contains a list of all files in the user's home directory including full path, owner, group and permissions for each file.
find . -ls | awk '{print $11 "\t" $5 "\t" $6 "\t" $1}' | tee report.txt
#it shoul be for all users
#where it should be saved?

chmod 755 fix-permissions
#for T.Issa, my id is 20347
exit 0

 PostPosted: Thu Oct 28, 2010 4:25 am   
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I kind of do not know what is a part of the script and what not. You should use the Code tags to show the script (e.g. the $ line is not in your script I hope.)
Instead of
for user in $1 $2 $3
, you should use
for user in "[email protected]"
, which is equivalen to
for user
Inside the loop, do not use $1, use $user. You do not have to shift if you do not use $1, $2 etc.
If you want to run the second part only if there was no argument, you should make it clear to the shell as well, so add something like
if (( ! $# )) ; then ... fi

You are probably running this script as root (otherwise, you would not be able to set other users' permissions), so a good place to store the resulting file is your home (usually /root).

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