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Server load alert

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 PostPosted: Fri Feb 29, 2008 7:19 pm   

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Here is a simple script that will send an email to you when the server load reaches a certain level.



loadavg=$( cut -d' ' -f2 /proc/loadavg | cut -d. -f1 )
alarmme="[email protected]"

if [ $loadavg -gt "5" ] ; then
       echo "Hi the server load for the past 5 minutes is $loadavg" | mail -s "Alarm from $HOSTNAME" $alarmme ;


This alert is for a server that has been running with a server load of 5 or greater for the past 5 minutes.

it queries /proc/loadavg

here is what this shows on my computer

1.33 1.62 1.59 10/275 8241

the first 3 fields are server load at 1 minute then at 5 minutes and then 15 minutes.
so basically I need the second field

i end up with 1.62

then I use cut to only get the number before the period. I don't care about the decimals.

cut -d. -f1

i will end up with the number 1

then evaluate the result against the number 5 which is server load that i want to be notified.

if [ $loadavg -gt "5" ]

then if that condition is met it will send me a message and alertme when the server load has been over 5 for over 5 minutes
you can change the limit to your needs.


 PostPosted: Mon Mar 03, 2008 5:38 am   
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you can monitor many basic things with scripts such as these however you'll find that they're very limited. I strongly suggest using a monitoring system that is fully developed as you'll find significant advantages. I personally suggest Nagios but there are several about.

Nagios can auto restart services based on various criteria, inform support through a variety of systems and is easy to add extra checks to for your own custom software. All major and many minor services already have nagois plugins available.

 PostPosted: Fri Mar 07, 2008 2:21 pm   

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This is another one that can check tcp connections and alert you if they are greater than 100


connections=$( cat /proc/net/tcp | wc | cut -d' ' -f6 )
echo $connections;
alarmme="[email protected]"

if [ $connections -gt "102" ] ; then
echo "TCP connections has reached 100 connections" | mail -s "Alarm from $HOSTNAME" $alarmme ;

Take into account that the proc filesystem should be mounted in /proc


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