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I would love to see a shortened and faster version of this

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Hi there - I have a script here that I use to automatically open up new threads for me on a web forum so that I don't miss a new post in the short time that I have to reply to those threads when they go live. This does the job for me but I have a feeling this can be simplified and improved bigtime. I'm really hoping somebody can open this thread up and look at this code and say "oh yeah, here's a much better and faster way" because I feel like a lot of this can be cut down and simplified. I just don't know how to get it any better than this because I'm new to the world of Bash. This alone took me a whole day to put together how I wanted it to work.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

while : ; do
cat l2 > xxxa
   if cat xxxa | grep "Unread" > xxxb ; then
      cat xxxb | cut -c36-37 | head -n1 > xxxc         #cuts number of link
      sed 's/$/\. /' xxxc > xxxd                               #adds . after number
      sed 's/^/\  /' xxxd > xxxe                              #adds spaces in front
cat xxxa | grep -B 1 "--file=xxxe" | cut -c1-300 | head -n1 > xxxf   #line that contains goal
cat xxxf | wc -c > xxxg                                         #count characters in URL line
    lastn=`cat xxxg`                                              #change xxxg to $lastn
    lastn=`expr $lastn - 1`                                     #subtract 1 from $lastn
    firstn=`expr $lastn - 6`                                    #subtract 6 = 1st digit
    cat xxxf | cut -c$firstn-$lastn > goal                  #cut the 7 digit goal
    sed 's/^/http:\/\/' goal > goal2
      goalURL=`cat goal2`
      run "C:\Web Browser.exe" $goalURL
      sleep 15s
sleep 0.18s

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