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Reading from file, and turn it into variables

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 PostPosted: Tue May 05, 2009 1:25 am   

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Hi All,

I'm new to scripting and bash altogether, so don't bash me on such a nub question! :shock:
I have a file say serverlist.lst, inside this file:

If colon is the delimiter, how do I turn each one into $1, $2, $3 and so on

What I'm trying to achieve here is to run an rsync script, that would read $1 as the servername, then $2 to $blah as the folders to rsync.

So essentially it'll look like rsync $RSYNC_OPTS [email protected]$1:$2 $backupdir, then same line with $3 and so on
Once this line completes it'll run the same thing but for the new line.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

 PostPosted: Tue May 05, 2009 2:19 am   

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Well you don't need them to be named $1 and so on.

If you're parsing the lines from a textfile in your bashscript you can just set them to a variable name.

Like this:
# input file, you can replace this with $1 so you can run the script with ./ server_list.txt
# Your rsync options and executable things
RSYNC_OPTS="rsync arguments and stuff"

# Open the file and process all the lines in it.
for i in $(cat $input_file); do
   # Cut out everything up till the delimiter kolon.
   hostname=$(echo $i | cut -d':' -f1)
   # Cut out everthing after the first kolon until the next one
   target=$(echo $i | cut -d':' -f2)
   # This one is a tricky one. It ignores the first 2 kolons and then saves everything that comes after.
   # [^:]\+ tells sed to position at the next kolon
   paths=$(echo $i | sed "s/^[^:]\+:[^:]\+:\(.*\)$/\1/")
   # Run the rsync
   rsync $RSYNC_OPTS [email protected]$hostname:$target $paths

This haven't been tested at all, but it could look something like this.

Best regards
Fredrik Eriksson

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