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OBD2 Car Diagnostic Script

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 PostPosted: Mon Jun 08, 2009 4:07 pm   

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Hello Guys

i need help with creating a bash script which connect over an obd2 cable to my car.

The bash script must open a Termial connection to /dev/ttyUSB0 (baud rate 9600 8N1).
After that you can write "010C" at the promt, and you get an HEX dump of the RPM signal.

i found with google a way to decode hex numbers with the follow command:
linux:~ echo $((0x7B))

it gives me 123 back

A short example what i mean:
i write "010C" at the termial and get this:
41 0C 00 00

Note: The echo function is on.

For me are the last 4 numbers important:
Mode(hex) = 01
PID(hex) = 0C
Data bytes returned = 2
Description = Engine RPM
Min value = 0
Max value = 16,383.75
Units = rpm
Formula = ((A*256)+B)/4

wikipedia says i must calculate the first "00 = A" with the second "00 = B".
This is the formula what i need to get the right "((A*256)+B)/4" RPM Speed.
Note: i know it is 00 my engine was not running.

Another Example:
Mode (hex) = 01
PID (hex) = 05
Data bytes returned = 1
Description = Engine coolant temperature
Min value = -40
Max value = 215
Units = °C
Formula = A-40

ok i write the OBD2 Pid "0105" to the Terminal and get this:
41 05 39

wikipedia says i must subtract my hex encoded answer with 40.
linux:~# echo $((0x39))

57-40 = 17
OBD2 tells me my current Engine coolant temperature is: 17 °C.

i dont know how can i open a terminal session and grab the output.

Thanks for help

Links: Wikipedia OBD2 PID List

 PostPosted: Wed Jul 22, 2009 1:21 pm   
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Hi Robert, I remember seeing you post this originally and though it was an interesting project. I didn't have much to contribute at the time. Have you gotten anywhere with it?

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