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delimiting text commas

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 PostPosted: Sat Sep 19, 2009 3:22 pm   

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I've got a huge (156.8MB) csv file and tried to extract one column using awk:
awk -F"," '{print $29}' Parcel.CSV
and found that some entries for the owners address have "city, state" formats that give improper output because of the extra comma. Is there any way to delimit commas within double-quoted fields? Open Office doesn't have a problem with this, but only opens the first 65,536 entries.

Sample with no prob:
"230-000000",0,0,0,13300,0,13300,"O079A","007.00",100,2050,2511," ","PAUL A & BONNIE G LASTNAME","","9620 ROAD CHAPEL GEO RD","W JEFFERSON OH 43162","12/08/1999","LASTNAME PAUL A","LASTNAME BONNIE G",""," 83.00","N","F",1,3.02,2775,39.00,"ROAD RD","ROAD RD REAR","ENTRY 6305","3.015 ACRES","PLEASANT TOWNSHIP",0," ",0,0,0,0," ","","","0",""," "," .0",0,"1"," 0"

Sample with prob:
"230-000001",0,0,0,25600,0,25600,"O079A","010.00",501,0,2511," ","WELLS FARGO REAL ESTATE","MAC X2302-04D","1 HOME CAMPUS","DES MOINES, IA 50328","11/04/1998","LASTNAME LYNETTE L &","SCOTT A",""," 83.00","N","R",1,2.59,37740,485.38,"ROAD RD","ROAD RD REAR","2.593 ACRES","","PLEASANT TOWNSHIP",0," ",0,0,0,0," ","","","0",""," "," .0",0,"1"," 0"

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This is indeed a pickle you have here. The only thing I could suggest is to look for some sort of identifiable pattern for the offending commas and try to filter them out using sed or some such line editor first.

Just using the example you provided, there is a space after the offending comma "DES MOINES, IOWA". I would expect that a comma delimiter would be followed by other than a whitespace character, unless there are blank fields that hold whitespace in which case that shoots that theory all to hell :-\

If not, then a simple search & replace for ', ' should do the trick for you. HTH, BOL!

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