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game in Bash : Lands of Ascii

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Hello there !

Firstly, sorry if my english or code is strange, i'm not native english at all. And I learned Bash on my own, without knowing any convention, and never showed my code to any bash community

I've coded a ascii-graphical game in Bash, totally interactive with menu, settings, integrated manual and game_doc etc... You have to go throught a map full of mobs and danger, and collect all coins.

It includes many cool features : You have a map creator that permits you to create your own maps without any coding, from a textfile (with included description) that the mapLoader recognize without any problem, an option that add a line to your .bashrc so you can launch the game from anywhere like if it were in your $PATH, another option that creates an alias for "echo" (because many distros don't have the command "echo"), one that makes coffee...

At first launch the game creates a configuration file, that allows you (such as generated maps) to customize as your tastes. If you change appearance of, for example, mobs or traps, gamedoc and any description within the game is automatically updated. When you play for first time at one of the pre-included maps, the game creates a textfile too, with the map. So if you find it too difficult, you can change it.

There isn't any dependeny needed. Later, maybe mplayer, only for thoses who wants background music ;) The game isn't finished at all. I need peoples to help me for the campaign (for the moment, there is only 1 demo map :/ ), testing and giving feedback.
if you are curious to see what will the storyline of campaign look like, i put a quote at end of post :p

Here's are the links :
Screenshots : … _scrot.png … _scrot.png … _scrot.png … _scrot.png

game :

In the GNU Kingdom, united by the Kernel, all users could script peacefully, under the protection of the Knights of the Shell
But all have it's end.

One day, Microsoft stole the power of ZSH, the most powerful and valiant Shell.
Then he sent the Root password to the darkest part of the kingdom :
The /dev/null, from where nobodies comes back
The Root became mad because of the obscure forces inside the /dev/null.
Users followed it in it's madness and attacked anyone who dare be in their way !

And no one knows where are the Knights of the Shell...

Maybe... There is one hope left for the Kernel. Maybe you could save the Kingdom, it's king and subjects.
Maybe you might go throught the terrible Lands of the ascii, fight the obscure forces of the /dev/null and...
Maybe you might come back.

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