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Ripping audio from vob files

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 PostPosted: Tue Sep 19, 2006 12:35 pm   
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Using vobcopy, you can rip vob files from dvd's, sometimes you just want the audio only from the dvd..... so, first I use vobcopy to rip the vob files..... then, I tried this and it worked....

mplayer -vo null -vc dummy -ao pcm -ao pcm: 2channels.wav myvobfilename.vob -aid 128

mv audiodump.wav myvobfilename.wav

I'm open to better suggestions.......... I'm SURE there is an easier way lol


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 PostPosted: Wed Sep 20, 2006 3:00 pm   

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Cool..... :)

I've looked around for ripping the audio only out of DVDs, and about the only thing I've come across is using the 'mplayer' command line method like you have here......

The friend who I make DVDs for wanted to know if I could rip the audio and put them on CDs.......Since he records local musicians and singers, the idea is to put all the songs on a separate CD......So, I told him I'd look into it...

As for 'vobcopy', I've never used it.........I came across 'dvdbackup' first and it does what I want beautifully, so I stopped looking............For video playback, I use 'xine' instead of 'mplayer', and get all the extra codecs from the mplayer website to be able to play anything in xine.......I've tried mplayer in the past and didn't like it as much........ :-(

But, it seems I'm going to need mplayer just to rip audio from the vobs, unless someone comes up with a little tool to do just that.........Also, I need is a way to rip the songs and put them in individual .wav files, then use 'cdrdao' to put them altogether onto a disc.....Hmmmm, sounds like a project in the making... ;-)

Anyway, as for an easier way.......looks like what you have is _it_....... :D

 PostPosted: Wed Sep 20, 2006 3:20 pm   

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Hey, I just thought of something.........(uh-oh, there I go thinking ;-) )

Instead of having to rip the vobs, why not just temporarily mount the CD/iso image and grab the audio directly from there :?: ........The format is in iso9660, and the vobs would be located in the 'AUDIO_TS' directory........ :)

The only drawback to this solution is when it comes to encrypted DVDs, while you can copy all the non-vob files from the disc, you'll get nothing but I/O errors when trying to copy the vobs........

So, I don't know if the mplayer method will work (directly from the disc)..............It might if mplayer is able to decrypt the vobs in the process....... :?:

 PostPosted: Wed Sep 20, 2006 3:52 pm   

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Me again :D

I just tried something which allowed me to copy a vob file from an encrypted DVD...........Mount is as udf, instead of iso9660.........

While they can be read fine when mounted using the 'iso9660' mount option, it actually works better being mounted as a 'udf' type.......

I just remembered about the '-dvd-compat' option for growisofs when burning video discs, so I tried mounting as 'udf' instead of 'iso9660' and it worked :shock: .......Apparently, all the dvd-compat is for is to tell growisofs to use the udf format.......

Looks like 'udf' is a special form of 'iso9660', which I suppose is why you can mount video DVDs as 'iso9660' without complaints.........

Soooo.........mount the disc with the 'udf' option and you should be able to rip the audio directly from the disc..... :)

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