How Technology Keep Private Life Private

Technology has many advantages but it also has a few drawbacks, especially when it comes to keeping your private life private. Once you are online you leave an electronic trail that can be found by prying eyes fairly easily. We share a few tips here on how you can protect your privacy when online.

  1. Don’t share passwords or logins: Do not use your social media account logins for purchasing stuff or indulging in matters that you want to remain private because with these accounts your personal habits and preferences are immediately reflected on your social media pages for the world to see.
  2. Change your passwords: While it is true that it is cumbersome to remember numerous passwords, do use a different password for sites that require a login that is unique and hard to crack.
  3. Cloud storage is not ideal: If there is something that really needs to be hidden, then cloud storage is not your choice because it is not as secure as people think it to be.
  4. Disconnect your smart devices while traveling: Technology is so advanced that even in a different locale it is possible to connect to any device your existing device was connected to if you do not disconnect it from your home router before traveling.
  5. Router basics: Whenever you have guests do not give them access to the full network, let them use the guest settings; this will prevent access to all your devices even when the guest device is hacked. Ideally, disable Universal Plug and Play to prevent any outsider from gaining access to your devices.
  6. Update regularly: Always ensure that your firmware is up to date on all your software because it will keep malware and phishing attempts away from your device and network.

Just like you take great care to pass your drug test by checking out relevant information on make sure you are constantly in touch with the latest threats to cyberspace and are protected.