How to Set Parental Controls on YouTube in 2019

Not just kids, but for us, adults also turn to YouTube to catch up on the latest videos, movies, and music. But while we as adults know to filter content, children can be naïve and get exposed to inappropriate content that can scar them for life. It is therefore crucial that you set parental controls on YouTube.

Setting parental controls

With YouTube being available on all platforms and in all devices, it is imperative that you set up controls on all devices your child uses.

Controls on PC or laptop

You must sign in to your google account on YouTube.Com to set up any kind of parental controls on YouTube. Once you have signed in, go the home page and click on your profile on the top right-hand corner of the page. Turn on the restricted mode. Your page will refresh after this setting has been enabled. You must come out of the window and reopen it to ensure that the setting is working by checking if the restricted mode is turned “On”.

Controls on iPhone

Once again go to and click on the three vertical dots and select the “sign in.” once you sign in with your Google account, once again click on the three vertical dots and go to your “settings.” Once you click on it you will be able to see the “restricted mode.” Turn it on. You can also click on the Privacy button and check all boxes in it for additional privacy.

Controls on the YouTube App

If you are using the app then you need to impose parental controls on it too. The only thing you can do is to turn on the “Safe Search.” As always launch the app and sign into your account. Reach the settings open as explained previously and set Safe Search to “strict.”

Just a few easy steps on the parents’ part can keep your child away from inappropriate content. For interactive and exciting child appropriate stuff Check starwalkkids.