How to Take the Best Selfie With 5 Influencer Tips

Now hear it from the horse’s mouth on how to upload your best selfies on social media. It is never easy to appear effortless and casual in photos you know you will upload to be scrutinized by friends and followers. We have collated selfie advise from a few YouTubers and social media influencers to help you with your selfies.

  1. Lighting is the key to great selfies claims Tyla- Lauren Gilmore an influencer with over 111 K followers. She states that harsh light can ruin a picture and hence she does not use direct sunlight but prefers some shade for the perfect front camera picture.
  2. According to Julia Salvia another YouTuber it is your confidence that bursts out of a frame more than anything else. She believes feeling good inside and outside is the key to great photos. While to feel inside you need to work internally, for outside appearance check out Luxtime for the latest trends in the fashion industry.
  3. Your Pose and attitude also play a part in the perfect selfie. According to Samantha Schuerman, with over 67 K followers, showcasing your accessories adds that extra sparkle to any selfie.
  4. Everyone talks about angles and Melissa Flores a vlogger with over 41 K followers is no different. She states that knowing where to hold your phone and tilt it the right angle is the perfect formula for a great selfie. She prefers holding the camera just high enough and tilting the camera to the face for a perfect shot.
  5. Pay heed to the background is the advice from Beauty By Diana an influencer on Instagram. According to her, it is crucial that the background is not too crowded and busy; a solid background is ideal for selfies.

Keeping these tips in mind it is no more an onerous task to click the best selfies oneself and post it on Instagram.