The Latest Technologies Redefining the Beauty and Cosmetics

Advancing technology has changed the cosmetics and skin care industry drastically with many skins enhancing expensive treatments now within the reach of everyone. It is no more a prerequisite for those wanting a radiant skin to visit the dermatologist’s clinic or schedule an appointment with the cosmetologist. Let us look at some of the technologies that have brought about this transformation. For more information check out

  1. Laser technology: Be it the removal of unsightly facial hair or depressing warts lasers are there for the rescue. And the list doesn’t end there; lasers are being used now in wrinkle removing, tattoo removal, treat sagging skin, reducing cellulite etc. The technology is cost-effective, painless, non-invasive with lasting results. Lasers rely on light and heat to treat the skin.
  2. Apps: Now there are several apps some patented by leading brands to determine the condition of your skin before and after the use of the product or treatment. With the help of augmented reality industry experts and dermatologists are using this technology to enhance the state of skin in their clients.
  3. Hairbrush: Something as ubiquitous as a hairbrush has been transformed into a hair enhancing device by Loreal as their new age hairbrush comes with algorithms that detect the condition and texture of the hair and provide your valuable suggestion through a complementing app. The app considers the external factors like weather, temperature, humidity, and wind before giving you information on hair care.

Several leading brands are also working on technologies that will help you prepare your own serum for your skin based on how it looks on a particular day and on products that can be personalized for your skin. The day is not far when everyone will be able to sport glowing, radiant, blemish-free skin without spending thousands of dollars on beauty treatments and surgeries.