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Some history on bashscripts.org.  I started bashscripts.org in 2004, knowing full well that it would never become a huge forum, simply because of the subject matter it deals with. Lets face it, there simply isn’t as much interest in bash scripting as say, muscle cars, or photography.  The number of people that would visit I knew would be small.  However, I wanted a place to start putting down my own notes and links and to be able to connect with people that had the same interests.  bashscripts.org isn’t the first forum I’ve ran or started.  The oldest is probably http://usalug.com .  It was started in 2003, and bashscripts.org a year later when I realized that it would be nice to have a totally separate space dedicated to just bash scripting.

I was fortunate enough to have a person that was able to help me get started in bash scripting via IRC, and through forum boards and pastebin sites, and I wanted to be able to help others as I was helped.  Bashscripts front page has been lacking for …well over a decade, a decent look and feel.  I apologize for the lack of “glitz and glamour”, indeed, it was horrendous.  I’m sure this isn’t leaps and bounds ahead of what it was, but it’s definitely easier on the eyes :)   The extra links/pages on here, are basically just notes I’ve used over the years, and stuff I found helpful, if you find them useful too great, if not, well, sorry for the clutter.  I do hope you enjoy the forums and I do appreciate you visiting.  I hope this site may help you in some way shape or form.  If it does nothing else but stimulate your desire to delve deeper into bash scripting, then they have been worth the effort of maintaining over the years.


Dave Crouse