Software: RCSS

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This is a tool I wrote that I use on a daily basis to work on my bash scripts.  Thought I would share it here as well.

“rcss” is basically a wrapper around the rcs utility.
It is designed to simplify rcs and add features to make rcs easy to use.

I wrote an article on RCS years ago for an archlinux monthly newsletter, if you don’t know what RCS is, then it might be useful:

Normally I’m working on my own projects/server/programs, and this is a very simple way to deal with revision control of files I change that I need to be able to revert back if something goes awry. The utility also gives you the ability to view two different revisions on one screen with changes highlighted in color via vimdiff. This has proven to be an extremely handy tool for me as a systems administrator, so I thought I would share it. There should be two files on sourceforge and github, on shell script and one .deb file. The .deb file works on debian/mint to install the shell script into /usr/local/bin giving it the correct permissions. The shell script you can do the same thing with or put it in your $PATH somewhere. After installing “rcss -h” will give you the help file.

OS: Linux, Solaris, Freebsd
Requirements: vim, rcs, awk, coreutils

Normal Usage: rcss <filename>

-h or –help
Example: rcss -h
Shows this help file

-l <filename>
Example: rcss -l test.txt
Shows the rcs log file for test.txt
NOTE: Parsed through “less”, so hit “q” when finished ! :)

-d <version number> <version number> <filename>
Example: rcss -d 1.5 1.7 test.txt
This shows (via vimdiff) a diff of version 1.5 and version 1.7 of test.txt

-v <filename>
Example: rcss -v 1.5 test.txt
This shows (via view) version 1.5 of file test.txt

-R <version number> <filename>
Example: rcss -R 1.5 test.txt
This will revert test.txt back to version 1.5

-p <permissions> <filename>
Example: rcss 777
This will set permissions on back to 777

Files CREATED with rcss will also have some helpful rcs header information already put there for you.
> cat
# $RCSfile:,v $
# $Revision: 1.1 $
# $Date: 2014/07/28 16:49:01 $
# $Source: /home/davec/RCSS/RCS/,v $
# $Author: davec $

# CREATED BY: davec
# DATE: Mon Jul 28 11:47:07 CDT 2014

Let me know what you think, other than… “Why don’t you just use git?” I really don’t want to get into revision control wars, rcs is useful for ME. ymmv.